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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Millionaire Who Made a Difference in My Life

I didn't know his name, but Karl Albrecht, who has died made it possible for me to survive some very difficult economic times comfortably, (you think church musicians lead a financially perilous life? try acting....)

Odd, I had somewhere gotten the impression the Albrecht brothers were Swiss... perhaps like an American abroad on a sitcom I saw last week who allowed people to think he was Canadian, it was an impression encouraged at some point? (I watch too much TV.)

I am a great fan of Aldi stores.
I will freely admit, part, if not all, of my situational impecuniousness, (I'm sorry, I'm not begin pretentious, I learned the word in first year Latin and have loved it ever since,) stems from an extreme aversion to labor, and so, some minimum wage jobs here and there not withstanding, my first inclination has always been to lower expense, not raise exertion.

Thrift actually became a more vital endeavor after marriage, as Himself, despite having experienced far more dire episodes of genuine, where-am-I-going-to-sleep-tonight thespian poverty, had the sort of mind that not only is repelled by math, but has trouble remembering that if one buys an item for 69 cents instead of for a $1.19, one will have be left with two more quarters in ones pocket.

Is that a guy thing?

It took a long time for us to come to some sort of understanding on the difference between Wants and Needs.
But since one of our ambitions is to return to Ireland one day for another ramlbing, spontaneous journey, I could always try, usually with success, you could save ten bucks, is it really worth the cost of a shot of Kilbeggan in Cahir?

A gallon of milk for a dollar less, five pounds of flour at half the price, canned goods for far less than even the BOGO sales nearby.... it really adds up.
And as I said, there's no privation involved,  finding Aldi allowed us to live comfortably, dine luxuriously, to tell the truth, enjoy guilt-free treats - Swiss chocolates? authentic Irish sausage? chips that I think rival Terras?

I have a terrific Le Creuset style braiser that did NOT cost a month's health insurance paryment.

I've never understood why more people don't shop at Aldi, or Sav-a-lot, or even Trader Joe's, if Whole Paychecks is your alternative.

As for me and my house, we will save a buck.

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