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Monday, 18 May 2009

Acronyms -- ARGHHHH!!!!!

I am perennially confounded by use of the letters "POD" in blog posts.
Everytime I encounter it, it seems to mean something else.
I was confused again today, could make no sense of it in context, looked it up again for a new meaning -- "A new meaning??!?#?$??%" As in "a SINGLE new (to me,) meaning"?
This time, I found:
POD Proof Of Delivery
POD Pay On Demand
POD Print On Demand
POD Picture of the Day
POD Prince Of Darkness
POD Plain Old Documentation (Perl)
POD Payable on Death
POD Point of Departure
POD Payable on Death (band name)
POD Point of Difference
POD Probability Of Detection
POD Pick of Destiny (Tenacious D movie/album/song)
POD Proper Orthogonal Decomposition
POD Point of Distribution
POD Point of Dispensing
POD Piece Of Data
POD Processing of Data
POD Publish on Demand
POD Postoperative Day
POD Point-Of-Deployment (cable TV)
POD Point of Deployment (module; television cable industry)
POD Plan Of the Day
POD Plain Old Data (programming, especially C++)
POD Ping of Death (type of hacking/network attack)
POD Pay On Delivery
POD Post Office Department
POD Port Of Debarkation
POD Precise Orbit Determination
POD Proof Of Deposit
POD Passed Out Drunk
POD Payment on Delivery
POD Pacific Ocean Division (USACE)
POD Plain Old Document
POD Port of Discharge (shipping)
POD Problem of the Day
POD Point of Divergence (alternate history)
POD Port of Departure
POD Point of Destination (navigation)
POD Power of Darkness
POD Post Of Duty
POD Point of Development
POD Programmatorische Overheidsdienst
POD Pelagic Organism Decline
POD Party of Death (book)
POD Point of Discharge
PoD Point of Destruction (computer gaming clan)
POD Path Of Daggers
POD Point of Demarcation
POD Play on Demand (Line 6)
POD Pouch of Douglas
POD Pin on Disc
PoD Plane of Disease (gaming)
POD Probability Of Damage
POD Proof of Design
POD Protective Oceanic Device
POD Personnel On Duty
POD Paracetamol Overdose
POD Pay or Die (role playing game)
POD Playable on Death (band)
POD Priest of Discord (Everquest)
POD Parent Of the Day
POD Pool of Darkness (Dungeons & Dragons computer game)
POD Per Our Discussion
POD Parts on Demand
POD Project Overview Document
POD Parachute Opening Device
POD Peace Out Dawg
POD Permissible Operating Distance
POD Processor on Demand
POD Post Operation Day
POD Porpoise Detector (static acoustic monitoring instrument)
POD Phase Opposition Disposition
POD Point Of Destitution
POD Product of Desire (UK clothing company)
POD Post-Orgasmic Disgust
POD Proof of Development
POD Programmable Option Devices
POD Post-Orgasmic Depression
POD Place of Dolphins (chat server)
POD Patient Own Drugs
POD Process Oriented Description
POD Planar Optical Display
POD Percent of Decrease
POD Project Operations Director
POD Process Operational Diagram
POD Package Outline Drawing
POD Packet Over DSL
POD Perspectives of Difference
POD Past Over Dosed
POD Planar Orthogonal Drawing
POD Program Objectives Document (DCAA)
POD Program Operation Description
POD Pfeffer Outpatient Disability Scale
POD Programmer on Duty (help desk)
POD protocol option device
POD Pious or Overly Devotional (blog slang)
POD Post-Operation Debriefing
POD Program Operational Date
POD Procurement Office Desktop
POD Point/Port of Delivery
POD Point of Disconnection
POD Personal Operable Device
POD Phase-Only Digitized
POD Pressure Operated Directional (valve)
I give up!

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