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Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Please, God, how do you expect me to learn humility when You keep letting me be right all the time?

I have been feeling, not guilty exactly, but questioning of myself, of my motives because -- I may have exerted undue influence to rid myself of having to deal with, collaborate with, someone with whom I was at liturgical and aesthetic loggerheads.

Her phone rang at Mass this morning. Dreadful, loud, silly ring.
All right, lots of people forget to turn the blasted things off.

But she took the call.
And proceeded to carry on a conversation.

"Oh, not much.... I'm at Mass... no, no, not that church, you're thinking of the one...."

During the second part of the Eucharistic Prayer.

As I said, sometimes, I'm right.

(And no, she's not a transplant surgeon....)

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