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Sunday, 24 May 2009

Memorial Day Mass

How many parishes have one, I wonder?
Ours is a mixed bag for me -- I am somewhat resentful of choir members who can always make time to sing for this, every year, but have a million excuses fro missing Sunday choir Mass and Thursday rehearsals this time of year.
And while I think this is important, and would gladly do it if it weren't my job, the logistics of setting things up for an outdoor liturgy, and the fairly wretched choice of music, (Let There Be Peace On Earth, and On Holy Ground, for instance, which I would never countenance for a Mass in an actual consecrated Church,) set my teeth on edge.
Well, that's all good penance...
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But this will be my first Memorial Day, (my first trip to a cemetery? can't remember,) since the death of my brother, (who was career military,) and I'm not sure what Taps, the sight of the honor guard, etc., will do to me.

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