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Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Of Smoked Meat Products and Hand Tools And Blog Rules

I'd like to think that everyone's brains make these mistakes...
I was thinking of blogging on marriages and weddings and the relative priorities Catholics do and should place on the two, vis a vis my efforts to persuade my parish to use some resources the USCCB has made available.

No surprise, skirmishes are flaring up around blogdom, dividing along predictable party lines, sniffing on one side, sputtering on t'other....

I have not recovered from the last few weeks, or perhaps I simple am brain-damaged -- a blog proprietor described how he dealt with an opponent by declaring "the Ham Banner has been deployed!"

Till I realized the spoonerism my grey cells had wrought, I had strange visions of bacon being used as curtain tie-backs.

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