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Thursday, 21 May 2009

"Ya mean, like somethin' IMPORTANT was goin' on?"

(That was the gist of a conversation I had with an eighth-grader once, when she first objected to, and then understood the point of something being done not in the happy-clappy style to which she and her school-mates were used.)

Oh my sweet Lord, you should hear the fanfare and processional.
I am reminded of Dr Mahrt's expressing a kind of resentment at being told, implicitly, that as a member of the assembly one cannot watch the procession.

I, who am not so measured or politic in my words would have been resentful, but INCANDESCENT at having to find and keep track of which dang verse of THAXTED or LASST UNS ENCANTSPELLIT, (at best -- at our cathedral it would probably be Gather Us In,) I was expected to sing, rather than watch this glorious ritual.

Well done.

I had no memory of the "official" letters with the "assignment" and the papal benediction were so beautifully written -- I have seen installations of this level before, prehaps they were badly read?

Congratulations, to Catholic England, to all of England, and to all the world, really.

I have a feeling this is going to prove more important than any American appointments made so far.

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