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Thursday, 7 May 2009

A Hot Piratical Mess

Hmmm... I don't know when I've ever going into a production with no hopes for it at ALL.

Well, at least it'll be so bad they'll never ask me to do it again.

Children's theater, especially with no budget, is an adventure.

One pirate, strangely, showed up looking like a hooker. Perhaps someone suggested using one of the beloved characters from Peter Pan on which to base her costume and she misheard.

But she does look like a hooker. (A colorblind hooker, at that. Why did we bother to give them a color palette?) Not a good look for a school child.

The interesting thing is that the genuinely talented cast members are on a far higher level than for previous shows
But the dead weight is deader and weightier.

Oh well, they've probably have fun.... last year they roared at the Aflack duck jokes, and silly goatss' heads, etc., so it is probably not worth sweating line misreadings, and the zombies that will not be awakened.

Go, ye heroes, go to glory.....

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