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Sunday, 3 May 2009

A shepherd to his flock : Use Yer Common Sense, People!

Sometimes I wonder exactly what prep, if any, has been put into a sermon or homily.

I just heard that:
Today is Good Shepherd Sunday, and is there anything in the place as beautiful as that statue of John the Baptist holding the Lamb, I keep thinking about 1st communicants, is there anything more beautiful than those children
, [last year 1st communions in our parish were on Good Shepherd Sunday, but not this year,] and how much Jesus loves us, and finally this beautiful weather but what's in the news, that's right, disease, we're all afraid of swine flu, don't want to shake hands and hug and get too close to other people? well, that's not loving your neighbor, and use your common sense, nobody ever thinks about the priest, you think WE like gettin' yer saliva on our hands, saliva all over our hands, that's where the germs are, oh, you say you can't receive in the hand, oh, don't want to touch Jesus, aren't ya gonna touch Him with yer tongue, use yer common sense, why not? oh, we've been receiving that way for a hundred years, we don't LIKE to change, use your common sense, yer afraid to take the cup, I don't believe Jesus would let you get a disease that way, He loves you so much, he's priceless, he's not the hired man who's don' it fer pay, do you know what He's worth? 30 pieces of silver, that's what, poor Judas....

I kinda lost the train of thought after that.


Anonymous said...

I wanted to mention that I finally went to the 12:30 Tridentine mass at St. John Cantius yesterday. As expected, it was very nicely done. If I were to critique anything, I might say that it seemed slightly stiff, but I suppose the rubrics are an important component of the Tridentine.

Sir Monocle

Scelata said...

What were the musical forces?

I know what you mean about "stiff" but the impression it always gives me is of people behaving as if that which they were engaged was of the utmost importance.

Which is a nice change from... other liturgical experiences in my life.

By the way, nice Facebook, I don't do Facebook currently, because my computer WILL not acknowledge that mine is a different identity from Himself's, and I refuse to have a picture of a barrel-chested bearded man appear next to everything I write...

(Save the Liturgy, Save the World)

Anonymous said...

Good observation on St. John Cantius. I'd agree. I went to a neice's first communion recently. I know it's basically a children's mass, but boy was it dumbed down.

I mentioned Facebook, because, I feel a little uninspired as far as blogging goes. I'm spending a lot of time getting ready for my next music post.

Best - Sir M

Scelata said...

Have something lined up?
In case you're still looking, I'll say some prayers.

(Save the Liturgy, Save the World)