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Monday, 18 May 2009

"Pray that nothing bad happens..."

We had a sermon that was a little wacked-out and free form even by the usual standards of the deacon-homilist.
A disgruntled man in the pew in front of me sighed, loudly enough to be heard by quite a number of us, "at least he's not talking about Notre Dame."
So of course, then he did.

And that was all he said, "Pray, we should all pray that nothing bad happens today at Notre Dame."

Who could argue?

(Neatly side-stepping the issue that there are differing opinions as to what would constitute "something bad."
If only our composers of the General Intercessions could achieve similar ambiguity! So often they begin, unimpeachably, "For X...." but then proceed to presumptuously tell God, "that Y," as if He isn't a better judge of what would be best for X's salvation. I notice that also happens at almost all gatherings where the intercessory prayer is opened to the floor...)

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