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Monday, 4 May 2009

Is that where the Onions come from?

Kidding, I know that's "Vidalia," but Charles in Visalia has some excellent posts on his blog.

The first makes it sound as if we shared a confirmation this year.... (and also share a certain... frustration? malaise? dunno.)

And the second is a review of the Yes-I-Wanna-Read-It--But-I'd-Rather-Pay-The-Mortgage-Book-By-Fr-Ruff.

I'd comment there and thank him for his always interesting, however bosky prose, but his blog doesn't seem to like me, or perhaps my ISP.

Edit - links corrected (I hope)


Charles said...

Dear Scelata,
I'm really not an accomplished "blogger," in terms of the technical know-how. My first effort, I unknowingly did not set any filtering, and all sorts of miscreants (mostly of a prurient nature) attached links like rhemoras (that's "bosky," right?) and I actually got called into the pastor's office, did carpet time because a parishioner navigated one of those links (yeah, as if I encourage voyeurism!) and I immediately killed the blog.
So, I don't really know how to have your ISP recognize my ISP, but other friends do leave comments which I can review. I do regularly check to see if anyone's out there. And I've never not permitted such comments to be pub'd.
I do want to thank you for your post. Blogging seems, to a degree, a folly and often a vanity. I'm only drawn to doing it out of some bizarre sense of posterity driven by an egotistic need for leaving a "paper trail." But, as I mentioned, that paper trail, once you hit the submit button, can really bite you on the tuchis. Often.
I'm sure you can find my email if you want to help me get your comments through. Love to hear 'em.
Thanks, again. I've been a bit funked out, and your post, if nothing else, sez I'm not adrift alone.

Scelata said...

"I've been a bit funked out"

Sorry to hear that, and I admit to being in a funk myself, albeit not too deep a one.

I think it is a bad time of year for choirmasters -- the liturgical zenith of the year behind us; good weather and long hours of sunlight luring our choristers to play hooky on Thursday evenings, and all of those sacramental and scholastic milestones celebrated in what are often the most misguided liturgies of the year, planned as they are in concert with bridezillas, 1stcommunicantzillas, graduazillas, and peopled as they are by vast swaths of essentially un-churched people.

All shall be well, and all manners of thing shall be well.

(Save the Liturgy, Save the World)