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Monday, 11 May 2009

Musical Democracy in the Liturgy

First off, O my stars and garters, but that phrase is hysterical (and a littlesad, or perhaps even frightening, because it perfectly describes a genuinely held principle of certain Powers That Be in certain liturgical communities and organizations....

And secondly, this thread over at MusicaSacra has just about crippled me with laughing.
Some areas of study to consdier:

New 'Song and Sacrament' curriculum from Saint Spiritus Aetas:

TRD 617 Sing Like Tom Waites [basses only, please]
TRD 719 Bono for Presiders
TRD 821 Florence Foster Jenkins and Musical Democracy in the Liturgy
TRD 923 Pluck and Praise: Guitar Masses are Evergreen
TRD 618 Eco-Liturgy
TRD 720 Youth Liturgy: The Liturgical Thought of Your Early Adolescent Children
TRD 822 Power Chant
TRD 924 Grunge Masses

... and a charity to consider donating to:
In line with the many child-named charities (Jerry's Kids, Jimmy Fund, etc.), I believe we should have 'Florence's Children' for all those cantors, leaders of song, liturgical animators, choir members, etc. who continue the grand tradition of musico-aesthetic carnage brought to perfection by [Florence Foster Jenkins].

Of course, the humor will be partially lost here, since Mrs. J was an extreme and extremely rare exception to the high quality of professional singing in New York. 'Florence's Children' are as ludicrous, but sadly not as rare.

Another terrific turn of phrase:"musico-aesthetic carnage"!

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