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Wednesday, 13 May 2009

What's on the telly?

(Looks like a penguin!)

I have been blessed, by a mild cold, and some changes in schedule.
Some people would rather I not come near them, and others are too busy to do as was originally planned, and so, lo!

Two days running of no obligations!!!!!!

We seem to have acquired vast numbers of new channels on the cable tier for which we pay, and the order of those we already received have been shuffled.

I only mention this because I would be ashamed, deeply, deeply ashamed to have anyone know that I deliberately, and with interest aforethought tuned in to some of the crap I have watched....;oP

Or even to know that I lingered more than the shortest possible moment on some of the other crap I happened across truly by accident.

Thus I am prevented from admitting, Reader, that I watched some of a "reality" show called Millionaire Matchmaker, and heard the eponymous heroine shriek at a young woman who had defied her by have sex, "You think condoms are going to protect you? They aren't fool-proof! There is nothing out there that is going to protect you!"

How a liberated and intelligent businesswoman in Hollywood could conceivably share the backwards opinions for which the Pope was recently excoriated by the modern world and the secular press, I really don't know, I am shocked....

But I digress.
And I seem to have revealed a gulty secret.


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