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Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Now THERE'S an idea with merit!

(H/T to Fr. Ryan Humphries)

Just what I needed, for future gift giving: Nerd Merit Badges!

One of my brothers, (in seventh grade he was given excused absence by the B of E to consult on the new computer system his middle school was getting, and to help the teachers learn to use it,) merits every single one of them, but most especially:
05: Family Tech Support

05: Family Tech Support

Requirements: Provide hardware, software, and telephone support for extended family computers and electronics. Voluntarily or...

Oh, and I misspoke - he could never earn this:

03: Homonyms

03: Homonyms

Requirements: Correctly spell words that sound the same

His letters from camp and college were thrillingly misspelled.
His second grade teacher had once reported that he informed her very matter-of-factly that he was very sorry, he knew his spelling was terrible, but she should not worry -- he didn't need to ever learn how to spell, he would have staff for that.

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