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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Now, THAT'S a vocation!

Men on a mission, on a quest!

The Search for The Best Burger In New York

And they are sagacious, they know that a burger without cheese is not a burger at all, it is nothing, NOTHING.... (can you tell a disappointment at a kosher restaurant has scarred me for life?)

(I should admit here, because of.... well, because of my life, I have not yet had the opportunity to essay the burger at Petey's Bungalow, recommended by Sir Monocle on this blog. I feel I have somehow failed to take up a quest....)

These NY guys seem to have a steakhouse-burger bias, but to each his own...

Himself is in rehearsal, and I am in rehearsal (Pirates is going to be disastrous, by the by,) so we've been wicked busy and unable to mesh our schedules in a way to do the regular grocery shopping, so Himself, for whom math and mnemonics are not strong suits was, unwontedly, charged with some solo shopping recently, and did not bring home the 93% lean ground beef I was expecting.

Well, I'M not the one trying to stick to Weight Watchers "Core" program!

And the ground beef that he brought home instead?

Now THOSE were burgers......

This late at night, when I should be re-vamping my script, and simplifying blocking and prop plots, and making cuts; and have nothing burgerish in the house -- should I really be obsessing about Great Cheesburgers?
Ah, well....

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