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Thursday, 14 May 2009

Retired Bishop in Need of Your Prayers

The New York Times reports that Archbishop Rembert Weakland calls himself "probably the first bishop to come out of the closet voluntarily."

I may have a different definition of "voluntarily" than he. Or perhaps a different definition of "closet."
Or am I neater than I think, a better housekeeper than I am given credit for? Is that pile of clothes, some worn, some not, heaped up in full view at the foot of my bed an acceptable "closet"?

I'm looking forward to his memoir, he is a very fine writer, with a fine mind, albeit with a self-destructive streak, and still in denial.
I'd especailly like to know if he has a fresher take on why, I won't say "everything," but certainly SO MUCH fell apart liturgically.

Weakland "is speaking out about ... why Catholic teaching on homosexuality is wrong."

In other news, eighth-grader Tommy Flanagan, (the second "a" is long,) having already used "the dog ate it," and "my grandmother is sick," earlier in the week, this morning spoke out to his home-room teacher about why assigning homework is wrong.

I find this:
“If we say our God is an all-loving god,...how do you explain that at any given time probably 400 million living on the planet at one time would be gay? Are the religions of the world, as does Catholicism, saying to those hundreds of millions of people, you have to pass your whole life without any physical, genital expression of that love?”

How many adults living on the planet at one time are unmarried?
Does he really not believe chastity is possible?
What an insult to those of us, gay and straight, who managed to spend all or most of our adult lives unmarried and chaste.

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Dad29 said...

I would like him just to SHUT UP.