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Monday, 14 September 2015

"Can't We All Just Get Along???!?!?!?!?"

A website/outlet I don't much find myself  agreeing with has a pretty funny take-down of a website/outlet I don't much find myself  agreeing with, after the latter posted a sanctimonious video of millennial Christians, ("sanctimilllennious"?)
Now that I've viewed it, (or most of it, it's pretty foolish,) I think Entity A is a little too hard on the subjects of Entity B's video, but just about right on the sanctimony of Entity B itself. (It reminds me of an article I cam across in an old magazine - it was ubiquitous in my childhood, not sure it's still around - which combated racism by reporting, among other things, that people of one looked-down-upon race actually smelled BETTER than the majority race, as proved by a blind smell test. This was an actual paper magazine, that I held in my hand, so I know it's real, but dang I wished I'd bought it at the junk store, because I can't find it online, and it really does seem unbelievable, even to me.)

I mean, obviously the poor young Christians were given the format of their statements, and are not to blame to framing their descriptions of themselves in opposition to what  they were told, or they have heard, or they actually experientially know to be, objections their friends have to Christianity.

That said... yeah, cringeworthy.

But some bits of the criticism really tickled me, such as this tweet from someone named Michael Wear:
The christianity of too many millennials is built around proving what type of Christian we are not. This is not edifying.
Ummm... isn't there a name for that? isn't it called "protestantism"?
And I think making six poor little people representative of "too many millenials," might be a bit unfair?
This sarcastic tweet, on the other hand,
"The Christian faith really boils down to be nice, don't offend anyone. That's what's behind the crucifixion of God and all those martyrs."
...pained me.
Because I've heard it, or variations on it proclaimed from ambos, read it it in silly blogs, and  saw it online from a much admired, (though not by me,)  priest/liturgist who mocks his fellow Catholics for pining after a truly Catholic identity, when a nice college girl who thinks her Faith is about singing great songs and being nice to others has the key to it all.

Anyway, when I go out pedestal shopping I'll be sure to purchase one of a suitable size, not too tall.  I want to be on a pedestal, of course, just not a "higher" one.
we deserve a chance to explain ourselves;
  • A lot of people think Christianity ruins people, but to me I think it’s people that are ruining Christianity, you never really see the good that happens, you only see the hypocrites, and the people who put themselves on a higher pedestal;
  • But at its core it’s really about love and acceptance and being a good neighbor;
  • Just because we prescribe [sic] to a faith that has some really terrible people in it doesn’t make all of us terrible;
  • I don’t think that Christians should judge people for who they are or what they do, I think everybody is in different part of life on their own path to wherever they’re trying to go. we’re all people and love is the most important thing.

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