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Friday, 18 September 2015

Louis Farrakhan, Penn Jillette, and John Shelby Spong Added to White House Guest List to Welcome Holy Father

The simple fact is, life, the universe and all that has reached the point where I cannot differentiate with any degree of success - was that in the news or was that in The Onion?

I could be remembering wrong, (don't pay sufficient attention to the weddings of those for whom it is not incumbent upon me to purchase a gift,) but wasn't there some kind of buzz for the last wedding in the British royal family, generated by a joke that the Pope had sent the happy couple a copy of the Bull of Excommunication issued for the Hank 8 bigamous marriage to Anne Boleyn as a wedding gift?

And absurd as that was, insulting as it would have been, wasn't it picked up by actual news organization?
As I said, maybe I'm remembering wrong.

But I had the same kind of reaction when some media outlets began bruiting about the guest list for the "Welcome Ceremony" for Pope Francis.


Someone at the White House is being that stupid? or that provocative?

So I thought that too was a joke someone had mistaken for news, that famously dissenting, or absurdly publicly wont to "act out" non-, or just whiningly vitimatic "catholics" were all part of the party mix.

Eye of the Tiber?

But now, gee, I guess it might be real, (although the idea of anyone getting a "plus four" invitation to a White House function seems kinda, you know... stupid?)

Who knows? Not I.
 Image result for gene robinson
Hmmm... wonder if I can be fast-tracked for an 
annulment from that woman I married.
Hey, and what about that guy I dumped her
 for? Might as well ask for that while I'm at it. 
How many is this guy giving everyone everyone
 who, you know... has taken a penitential journey?

See? I'm surely not the only who wondered that...

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