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Monday, 14 September 2015

"Of course I accepted the brains...." Pt 2

More devotees of the patron saint sinner of pragmatism.
After all, those hearts and kidneys would just go to waste otherwise, (or be used to heat buildings?)
a kidney from an aborted child [was grown] inside a rat. It was transplanted by scientists hoping to grow enough organs someday to end the donor shortage. At the end of the video you will see a heart from an aborted child surgically transplanted into a rat.
[A company named Ganogen did this with the]  goal ... to save lives by providing organs for transplants to the thousands of patients on the transplant waiting lists including human babies with severe or fatal in utero diseases. That is, they are trying to grow the organs from unwanted and healthy aborted babies to transplant into wanted but unhealthy babies. [emphasis supplied]
[Ganogen has] found an immeasurably profound resource in aborted fetuses for experimentation and utility. In their own words, “Real human organs are not artificial.” (They know the human fetus is truly human. You do not have to be a medical student to grasp the obvious.)...
Biologists are well aware that they have not begun to discover all the mysteries of life. As the three young men of Ganogen acknowledged, “There are hundreds if not thousands of proteins and cytokines yet to be discovered, not to mention the highly intricate communication and interplay between the millions of cells within a human organ.”
So to them, it is not only ethical to use these aborted children’s bodies, it would be unethical not to use them and to waste them instead. ..
For them, the ethical question is simple and settled. Because abortion is legal, abortion is ethical. Because abortion is ethical, using the bodies of the aborted children to save the lives of other children is ethical, even responsible, even laudable. They have tapped into a resource (of human lives that do not matter) and are using that resource to save lives (that do matter).

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