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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

The Glories of a Maximalist Approach to Liturgy

I am always surprised at liturgists who get sniffy about "minimalism," only seem to do so at not splashing around enough holy water, or niggardliness in the distribution of ashes, or horrors! the 'incomplete sign" of Communion offered under a single species.
The ones who, rightly decry those always seem to be in the "Bells? we don' need to rin'you no stinkin' bells" camp, and often mock incense and splendorous appointments and vestments.

Because of... I'm really not sure of what, perhaps the availability of a celebrant? because of whatever there have been several Eastern Rite Divine Liturgies I was fortunate enough to be able to attend because they were on weekdays.

The feast for the senses that even the tiniest Byzantine congregation is able to offer worshippers is something more Latin Rite parishes should take pointers from.

None of it depends on bigger amplifiers.

Fr Glen Pothier is a treasure. Such preaching! (He's bi-ritual, I believe I heard.)

And I hope this isn't sacrilegious, someone else at the Liturgy,  apparently not Eastern, murmured afterwards, that the Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ was, "so delicious!" and I'd have to concur.

My only cavil, is that the chrism they use, overwhelmingly fragant, and beautiful - maybe anointing isn't the time to be maximalist.

Chrism burns the holy bejebbies out of your eyes if it runs down your face.

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