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Friday, 4 September 2015

The Numbers Game

Every time results of a new poll or survey are released what we "knew" yesterday seems turned on its ear.
No, no, this isn't about Republican presidential; hopefuls - a new Pew study tells us about what "Catholics" in America believe.

And yeah, it's pretty depressing, but not surprising, especially when you consider the catechesis of the last five decades, and how difficult Catholic religious education becomes when the average elementary school Catholic kid seems to have four parents, one of whom identifies but doesn't practice, two of whom identify but don't believe, and one of whom is a functional pagan.

1.I don't think you hafta go to church to be a good person.
2. No one's gonna tell ME --
3. I think you gotta follow your own conscience, but I do like the palms, and bells, and incense, and statues, especially the statues -- you should see this Buddha I just got on vacation!
4. But the Redskins have a home game this Sunday and the tailgating is always AWESOME! Sometimes you just need to prioritize and let the less important stuff go...
one finding of the Pew study has given me great hope.
The study found that Catholics who regularly attend Mass are more likely to adhere to the teachings of the Church.
One could argue the chicken-or-egg question.
Do those who regularly attend Mass do so because they already are committed to the teachings of the Church?
Or, does regular Mass attendance encourage greater commitment to the Church’s teachings?
Now, how can anyone answer that question without the phrase "Source and Summit"?
And yet she does.
I definitely think that folks go to Mass because it’s what the Church teaches.
I also think, however, that the Mass has a power of its own to foster a desire to love Jesus and adhere more closely to his Church’s teachings. The closer you come to Christ – and you can’t get much closer than in Mass – the more closely you will want to follow him.
The Eucharist has the power to transform hearts.
When you go to Mass, you receive the strength and courage you need to more fully live your Catholic Faith and to be able to more faithfully and joyfully adhere to the Church’s teachings.
Repeat after me - Source and Summit. Source and Summit. Source and Summit. Source and Summit. Source and Summit. Source and Summit. Source and Summit. Source and Summit. Source and Summit. Source and Summit. Source and Summit. Source and Summit.

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