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Saturday, 12 September 2015

"Happy Reproduction!" wishes from those wacky Norwegians

I dunno, with all the angst about human sexuality of late, and fretting about synods and motu propio letters, and human relationships, and the virtue of some of them -- I don't think this slightly risque story is too much.
Apologies if any of my 3.7 readers find it so.
Passengers were left stunned after a Norwegian Air Shuttle flight attendant ... used the aircraft’s loudspeaker to 'congratulate' the lovebirds who were ‘reproducing’ on the two-hour flight from Paris to Stockholm.
... passengers cheered and burst into fits of laughter when they learned two of their fellow travellers were joining the mile high club....police were not contacted as flight safety wasn't compromised.

While it may seem humorous, sky-high sexual trysts on board commercial jets have been no laughing matter in past incidents.
A number of couples have been charged in recent years for engaging in sex acts in the lavatory and in their seats.

No doubt there are some who will proclaim the victimhood of the couple, or at least of the female half of the duo.
Because, "slut-shaming."
You know what I blame this on?
Those Interwebs.
Expectations of ubiquitous entertainment, 24/7.
The digital age.

They probably forgot their iPads, and the poor things couldn't imagine not having something... fun to do for a whole TWO HOURS.

It wasn't their fault, they ARE victims.
In fact, it's kind of retro, a wholesome back-to-basics approach to living.

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"In my day we made our own fun!"

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