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Thursday, 10 September 2015

More Misunderstandings of the Holy Father By Those In the MSM

The Washington Post asks, What has Pope Francis actually accomplished?, and then answers it by telling us about things the Holy Father has said, acknowledging as much themselves, " by giving us "8 of Pope Francis’s most liberal statements."
I dunno -- you'd think a newspaper that operates in D.C, around people who are, er... politicians, might understand in the words of the immortal Po'k,
Sayin' ain't doin'...
(I don't know if Po'k actually said that, but Himself quotes the man's aphorisms extensively when expressing dubiety.)
That said, at least two of the items enumerated are actual accomplishments, actions - the embrace of the surgically altered woman, (no one should be called "the devil's daughter,") and the issuing of the 2 motu proprio altering the way decrees of nullity may be granted.
Other matters are range from nothing new, (nothing new aside from the media taking notice of something - many of Francis's words, once unpacked, reiterate what has long been the case, or long been taught,) or yet to accomplish what they, hopefully, adumbrate.
Frankly, the writer would do well to read his own article, and heed the words of the Scary Red Robed Church Monster ©, (the bogeyman who inhabits their nightmares, the very thought of whom so delights Church regressives that like children at a horror movie, they can't help peeking at him again and again and again, through their fingers held tightly to their eyes, to enjoy the chills and thrills even as they lose control of their bladders.)
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For the Dread Cardinal Burke ©, has said,

“One must be very attentive regarding the power of the pope [which] is not absolute.”

The horror!
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Um.... boo?
But the Pope said.....

There you have it. In the minds of some who know not the mind of the Church, The Pope Said closes the conversation.

(It's kinda like, "But the bell rang!", the definitive, not to be gainsaid, unrebuttable answer to anything, anyone ever said, about anything. In the Code of Canon Law, expressed campana resonata, causa finita est.)

Well, I suppose it may indeed be sort of raining spiritually, only I am too sinful to see it.

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