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Monday, 7 September 2015

MacMillan's Fourth Symphony

Someone on Twitter had a link to a BBC performance of this, and following I found myself on a page which reminded me that I was, um, in America, and not to listen to the BBC page.

But, James MacMillan's Symphony No. 4 is available on the Tube of You, here.

Excellent, I thought.
I had only ever listened to his sacred and liturgical music before.

But I began to listen with some disappointment, that is not a tonal language I "like," oh, I can't understand that, and certainly not for 2/3 of an hour, what is he trying to do -- and then suddenly it burst into beauty.

Modern yet neo-Romantic, richly orchestrated, surprising...

I certainly don't entirely "get" it on first hearing - which is wonderful!

I intend to listen several more times in the next few days.


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