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Thursday, 10 September 2015

What Pope Francis Really Says About the Indissolubility of the Sacrament and the Definition of of Marriage

(This will probably be as distorted or unreported as everything else about Franic, and the Church, and Marriage in the mainsteam press, and on social media.)
I invite the couples, fortified by the meeting in Teams, to the missionary commitment. This mission, which is entrusted to them, is all the more important in as much as the image of the family -- as God wills it, made up of one man and one woman in view of the good of the spouses and also of the generation and education of children -- is deformed through powerful contrary projects supported by ideological colonizations. You are certainly already missionaries by the radiation of your family life to your ambits of friendship and relations, and also others. In fact, a happy and balanced family, inhabited by the presence of God, speaks on its own of the love of God for all men. However, I invite you also to commit yourselves, if it is possible, in an ever more concrete way and with ever renewed creativity, in the activities that can be organized to receive, form and support in the faith particularly young couples, before and after their marriage.

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