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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

A Question Addressed to the Synod Fathers

Just wow.
I remember long ago hearing something to the effect that, "you cannot keep a promise you have not made."
(This was in the days when virtually the entire western world seemed to be saying, "it's just a piece of paper.")
How much harder might it be to try to keep a promise that even the historic witness to that promise says is negotiable, mutable, bendable, breakable, ephemeral - less, even, then "just a piece of paper"?
Nothing, a convention.
Let's be adult about this....
Bishops, will you cast your lot with a few privileged and aging prelates from countries in which the Church is dying? Or will you follow Christ and stand up for the truth and beauty of marriage? Will you champion the most vulnerable of your flock?
For a woman who has chosen, or perhaps been chosen by, a very traditional role of Catholic wife and mother, Rachael Marie Collins packs a hella punch.

Is the adversary down for the count?

How fortunate I am to have have the models of married love I have had.
And how lucky Mrs. Collins' children are.

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