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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Craft Activities With Children in Religious Ed

Last year in Sunday school I had a group that really, really liked to do skits, so basically any story or situation on which I wanted to concentrate in a given class, I wrote up a quick sketch, trying to use the exact number of people who would be begging to take a role.
(Because yes, there were inevitably whines of "I only got one line! My brother has two..." answered with "Yeah, but yours has seven words and both of mine are only three, you have more, it's not fair!"; as well as cries of terror, "I have too many lines, I can't say three lines, why did you give me so many lines??!?@?!???")
Anyway, this year, nobody much wants to act, and although they are great with vocabulary and analogies, no one is keen on writing anything down.

Strangely, I don't actually need much in the way of activities, because they are far more inquisitive than any class I've had so far, we may not get to what I planned to talk about, but we have great conversations because they ask great questions and are quick to make connections and go off on worthwhile tangents.

But still, I do like having some craft ideas at the ready.

Probably any Catholic working with children already knows about this, or has favorites of their own, but Catholic Icing is new to me, and has some wonderful ideas, (I'm especially looking forward to adapting this to other seasons, if I get up the nerve to risk dye with a group that has two or three hyperactive guys....)
craft tie dyed crosses from leftover easter egg dye

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