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Saturday, 3 October 2015

Of Acting Out and Clamorous Exhibitions at the Vatican

Hanging out on Friday evenings, I have a couple/three chores, repair any clothes needed for the weekend, (you know, like loose buttons, anything much more is waaaaaaay beyond my competence, not to mention unnecessary calling upon my rapidly diminishing ability to thread a needle); check over the lectionary before the communion service at the nursing home; often wash my hair or change the sheets, (so that I don't suddenly realize an hour after I should have retired on the next night so that I can have, okay, not my wits, but at least one or two of my wits about me for the trial of Sunday school.)

Generally, nothing is very pressing, and while making phone calls, or watching a movie or television not demanding my full attention with Himself, I'll do a little surfing.

You know, tomorrow's news tonight.

Last night there seemed to be a hubbub outing some poor guy as a homosexual, a guy who worked at the Vatican, and to be honest, I thought something along the lines of, oh, those mean ultra-orthodox bloggers, and, yeah, most of social media is pretty much public, but what is with these fishing expeditions....

Will I ever learn?

This is the Liturgy in my twenties, and my dogged refusal to see that things are as bad as the Rad Trads say they are all over again. (I just realized, because my parish was okay, I was the one wondering how Nixon could have been elected, since, "Nobodly I know voted for him...")

But you gotta love the way vatican spokespersons phrase things, no? (Is that Fr Rosica responsible for the English tranlsations, I wonder? If so, bravo.)
“Regarding the statements and interviews released by Msgr. [K. C.] must be considered -- notwithstanding the respect warranted to the events and personal situations and reflections -- the choice to make such a clamorous exhibition on the vigil of the Synod’s opening seems very serious and irresponsible, since it seeks to impose on the Synodal assembly undue media pressure.”
[Certainly he] will not be able to continue performing his previous duties at the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and the Pontifical Universities, whereas other aspects of his situation are under the competence of his diocesan ordinary.” [emphasis added]
I suppose he could have stripped to a leotard and made the announcement through interpretive dance in the middle of St Peter's Square on the opening day of the synod, so maybe he wasn't just trying to make spectacle of himself...
Image result for bad interpretive dance

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