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Friday, 2 October 2015

"How could Nixon have won? Nobody I know voted for him!" said English Language Assistant to Holy See Press Office Film Critic Who Lived in "Special World"

Although Fr. Rosica had been very involved in Pope Francis’ visit to the United States last week and was aware of the details, he said that no one really knew about the meeting with Davis and her husband until the Pope had returned to Rome.
Um, Father? Apparently someone did. (Unless the Embassy was  holding an open house?)
It..... well, it just wasn't you.

Oh, maybe they sneaked in as someone else! Were groucho-nose-and-glasses used? 

You know, I really don't care much about what beloved  prelate met with what trending right wing "heroine" and what "connected" journalist knew and when he knew it.

What fascinates me is the scrambling to pretend it is principles that obtain, in any way, to positions taken by commentators, journalists, pundits and professional rolodex dwellers. (In all seriousness now - one national network seems to know exactly two Catholic priests in the entire country.)
It's all about party lines, about prejudice against, (or for,) positions taken by ones foes, (or allies.)

One "news" outlet is at pains to assure us that whatever occurred, it meant nothing, or at least, every little, (which is indeed probably true.)
But the director, editor of that outlet was previously, and not that long ago, at pains to inform us that it was "a very big deal," (not his words, but those in the msm story in which he is quoted.)
These are his words:
“It’s a substantial change of direction for the Catholic Church, not just a symbolic move, .. In the past, such groups or individuals would never be formally acknowledged in any way — not even a response to a letter — for fear that some could view such an attitude as approval. Now Francis is saying the Church must cast aside such fears.”
That was for a group of people appearing under their own names who had previously tried to get tickets using the name of their dissenting gay organization who this time just called themselves a ""a group of lay people accompanied by a sister," who were greeted with a handshake anonymously sitting in an audience, in a crowd of several dozen tens of thousands, and the people in that group were each given a rosary and a few words by the Pope  "didn’t get the shout-out, but... were very, very close."

You know, so this was very significant.

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