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Monday, 12 October 2015

Pre-Cana, Marriage Prep and the Synod

There has been talk from the Synod on the Family, and editorial comment upon it that we, as a Church, do not offer enough support to couples after they are married.

It has just occurred to me that that is entirely the wrong way to approach the crisis. Yes, it's a good idea, it's important, but it is not the most important thing.

Before is more important, before is the way to go - not before Matrimony, but before engagement.

In fact, before anyone has caught the eye of, or set ones cap for anyone else; before, not just the target has been sighted, but before the target is even determined, perhaps even known.

The Church needs to offer, almost to insist upon VOCATIONAL TRAINING.

Regardless of the eventual station in life, all young people have a vocation, and the idea of commitment and what it entails, and discernment applies to all.


And particularly in the case of those whose call is to Matrimony, waiting until you are burningwithloveanddesieforanotherpersonandcanhardlythinkofanythingelse to be given the tools you will need to make a success of your marriage is, not to be indelicate, like a secular couple's waiting until they are in naked bed together to think about contraception.

You can't really "think" about it, YOUR BRAIN ISN'T WORKING.

Marriage Prep/Seminary Prep/Novitiate Prep should start with 15 year olds.

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