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Monday, 26 October 2015

Disrespect to a Pope?

"Never in my lifetime have I heard of bishops and cardinals being so disrespectful of a pope."
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"Well, I never.....!"
So you're clutching your pearls and having the vapors when barely a month earlier a cardinal, (and about to be Synodal Father,)  seems to have boasted in a leaked copy of his authorized biography of having worked with his own little "mafia," (which included at least one other Synod father,) in opposition to the previous pope and having schemed to get candidate more to his liking, (and thus, presumably, with aims somewhat different than those of the pontiff who initiatives had been thwarted,) in the chair of Peter?

 Seems a little inconsistent.

Is your outrage maybe just a weeeeeee little bit forced, and put on for dramatic effect?

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