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Friday, 16 October 2015

There is no objective reality....

Anyone have a chant setting of this, instead of  Bernstein's?
Oh no, Adonai, no,
Adonai, no!
It isn't true, not for me,
It's true for You, not for me.
I read Your Word
And in my head
I know they're smart,
But my heart, Adonai,
But my heart
Knows they're wrong
And my heart
Is too strong...

I have a love,
and it's all that I need,
Right or wrong,
and he needs me, too.
I love him, we're one;
There's nothing to be done,
Not a thing I can do...
When love comes so strong,
There is no right or wrong
Was thinking we could program it for a reconciliation service.....

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