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Thursday, 15 October 2015

The Synod, the Church as a Hospital for Sinners, and the Make-a-Wish Foundation, and Why Accompaniment is Not Always the Merciful Thing to Do

My child is very ill.
Alas, let us see what we can do for him.
I fear my child is dying!
How tragic, is there some service we can perform
 to ease his suffering, or some dream that he has, 
that we can help him to fulfill in the little time 
he has left? 
Why yes, thank you, so kind, he's always wanted...
We've taken care of it, it is all arranged, it's 
the least we can do, if only there were 
something more.
He'll be so pleased
By the way, what is his malady?
He has contracted....
But God be praised! Do you not know? We have a 
cure for that! But there is no time to be wasted, 
he must be treated immediately if he is to live!
Are you kidding? We don't have time for
that crap- we're going to Disney 

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