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Friday, 16 October 2015

Ss Zelie and Louis, Subito!

I have had a devotion to the couple since I read a biography of the Little Flower years ago.
What a family the Martins, what a fantastic example of God drawing straight with crooked lines - like the Cure d'Ars, Louis was deemed "not smart enough" to be a priest, (his Latin was bad,) and Zelie's mother selfishly wanted her at home and Zelie was thought too "sickly" for religious life, (because, you know, raising children and running a business to support a family, while giving birth nine times was an easier road to hoe...)
So, instead of a priest and a single nun, FIVE nuns, one of whom is a Doctor of the Church and a saint, (among the most well-known and influential in the Church's history,) with perhaps more to follow.

I was thrilled when they were beatified under Pope Benedict, and this Sunday will be a great day!

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