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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Who Said "A Turnip May Know No Greek But I Do"? and "Synod"

I'm probably remembering it wrong, and I haven't got a copy either of the book or the tv series, but I think Augustus in "I, Clavdivs,"  used that expression - a turnip may know no Greek....
(I, Claudius, with production values that rival Dr Who for tacky cheapness is still one of the two or three greatest television series EVER.)

Well, a turnip knows just about as much Greek as I, which is why I have to depend on the kindness of (erudite,) strangers.)

Can anyone tell me what the (minor,) hubbub is over the word, "synod," and the insistence by some bloggers that it means "meeting," (which I believe is true,) but that it does NOT mean "a path taken together," or "walking toward each other or with each other," as well, (which also seem feasible,)?

Why not both?
 Image result for is there anyone in rome who has not slept with my daughter brian blessed
Is there anyone in Rome who 
has NOT slept with my daughter 
claimed to have an inside track 
on the Synod??!??!?#??$???

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