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Thursday, 29 October 2015

The Empress Has No Only Clothes

The Woman of the Year Empress has only clothes, but no lady parts.

 As the world continues hurtling towards a reality composed mostly of a fantasy-based life forms, in which "adult women" who have been adults longer than they have been women are not just normal but exemplary, and Ol' Abe Lincoln's an idiot for not having realized that he actually  COULD have made a sheep's tail a sheep's leg by secular motu proprio,

Image result for scalpel
a once cutting edge individual is being cut for making cutting remarks about what cutting can and cannot accomplish in helping one make the cut.
Germaine Greer’s views on transgender people are based on the kind of quasi-Freudian cod-psychology you’d think  a feminist critic would find embarrassing ....that it’s not possible to change from a man to a woman.
What exactly had the woman one would have thought the éminence dépoli of the feminist movement said?
“I’ve asked my doctor to give me long ears and liver spots and I’m going to wear a brown coat but that doesn’t turn me into a ****ing cocker spaniel....
I do understand that some people are born intersex and they deserve support in coming to terms with their gender but it’s not the same thing.
A man who gets his **** chopped off is actually inflicting an extraordinary act of violence on himself.”
Um, yes. Imagine someone having such an absurdly commonplace view of reality!
Could you EVAH?
The Otherkin among us must be squirming with anticipation, surely their time is next.

Why should Germaine Greer be banned from college campi?
Because academics, (all bow...) teach us that,
Universities should not provide platforms for claims that cannot be tested and improved
Now, I'm not sure if the claim that a man can turn into a woman can be, or when it has been tested and improved, but it must have been.
But this confuses me, since the counter claim would inherently be tested by the testing of the claim, so if...
My head hurts.

But academics tell us what to think, it is pop figures who tell us what to feel.
So remember,
“Most importantly never ever be ashamed of who you are, because who you are is ******** awesome, don’t let anybody make you think differently.”
Except you, Miss Greer, you're not awesome, and you should be ashamed of who you are apparently, you should let us make you think differently. (We don't care how you feel.)

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