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Saturday, 24 October 2015


I have blocked needlework, but that's about it.

And I have been blocked when trying to enter a lane of automobile traffic, but again, that's about it.

Frankly, I'm shocked at all the brouhaha on the Twitter, about people not allowing those who disagree with them to even read their feeds, (if i understand that right, which I probably don;'t, because i don't do much on the Twitter, although I think tomorrow i will let the Rugrats at RelEd right Tweets to God, the Pope and Teacher, ('tis I.)
140 little squares.

I digress.
This strikes me as an odd thing for a churchy person who is being called out for blocking other churchy persons to tweet:
Since, you, you know, would have a hard time hearing people to whom you won't listen. And to get a discourse going with those whom you won't allow to listen to you.

Just saying.

(Hope I did that right, trying to remove anyones name form the posted tweet, technidiot that I am; i have no wish to harass any person.)

But what's the point?
Free discourse, or living in echo chambers?

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