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Friday, 23 October 2015

Well, SOMEbody Hasn't Faced Up To the Issues: LBGT Reaction to Synod

I am truly sorry that there are some who see little hope, who feel they have no hope - and I know these people suffer.
But how they could alleviate some of their own suffering if only they had the will!
Yesterday was the day that many people had waited for: the release of the reports of the synod’s 13 small group discussions on the part of the Instrumentum Laboris which contained the three paragraphs on homosexuality.
The results were not impressive, leaving me to think that Bishop Peter Doyle of Northampton, England, was correct when he told Vatican Radio that in regard to homosexuality:
“I’m a little concerned that we haven’t faced up to those issues.”
And shame on those in the hierarchy who are enabling these peoples' suffering, and using their suffering, rather than helping them grow from unformed to informed, letting the light of revealed Truth shine into their lives.
If the CCC doesn't get through to you, go read Jane Eyre.
Obviously, sexuality is a greater part of ones make-up, psychic and somic than most other aspect of our being, but any specific hunger or desire that utterly dominates ones thoughts, controls ones life has to be examined carefully, and if further, it is something that you believe yourself powerless to resist, it is not part of healthy, well-integrated human being.
Seek help and support and love that is not enabling.

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