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Saturday, 11 October 2014

"A Fast Pass to an Annulment Would Be Iniquitous" says Himself

Okay, not really... those are not his words, they are Raymond Cardinal Burke's, in an interview on EWTN.

But they are the substance of what Himself has said to me several times over the past week or so, (when I have spoken about the Synod waaaaaay beyond any interest he has in it.)

Because you see, he obtained a decree of nullity for his first marriage.

And while it "took too long", and was "way complicated," and "too hard," and yes he said or thought those things at the time, also at the time he didn't see anything he would change about the process, or any way it could be changed without detracting from the great good it did him to go through the process.

So more, better trained tribunal members, but retain the integrity that the procedure has now, please.

(Oh, and I gotta admit, I don't think Himself has ever said "iniquitous" in his life.)

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