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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Oh, Those Wacky, Illogical Theophobes Atheists

There's a columnist named Herb Silverman.

He seems like a really good fellow, and there are a few things he would like the rest of us to know about atheists like him.

Some of them are things I already knew, like the fact that many of his tribe are not anti-religion, and do not hate either those with other beliefs, or the beliefs themselves.
The prefix “a” can mean “anti” or “non.” While some atheists are anti-theists, most are non-theists who have no desire to destroy religion. We don’t have a problem with believers until they try to force their beliefs on others.
He also had some advice for Pope Francis regarding the Synod.

I think it's a little presumptuous for him to think he has a handle on what Catholic women think, him being neither Catholic, nor a woman, but let that slide, I think it was nice of him to try to be helpful.

But I am curious as to why he thinks he should force urge his beliefs on us, (regarding Catholic dogma and doctrine, as well as discipline, which in no way affects him, seriously -- priestly celibacy?  masturbation? what's it to him what the Church teaches? ) but we must never urge force our beliefs on him.

He could, perhaps, do with a course in that (perhaps mythical, I am growing to fear,) discipline, Jesuit Logic.

Now, the fact is, many of us would have agreed with his non-interference directive on some matters at one time.

I know I would have.

Upholding the sanctity of human life is, if you will, about third parties, whom my beliefs require me to try to protect, so I would have reserved the right to try to "force" the rest of society not to kill either unborn babies or prisoners of the state. (And I suspect there are few who complain today that Churches should keep their noses out of public affairs who think preachers who opposed slavery from the pulpit should have kept their mouths shut, or that the bishop who threatened to excommunicate white politicians who barred blacks from schools was wrong... consistency? logic?)

But gay marriage? What's it to me?

And I asked that, many times, when more ardent, (more conservative?) Catholics tried to tell me that it was important to oppose its legalization.

Well, I am sorry, and more than a little ashamed, because they were right.

The push for recognition of same-sex unions wasn't just about leaving others alone to behave as they wished.
It was about forcing those who disagreed to behave as if they endorsed what they believe to be sinful.

Effectively closing down catholic adoption agencies is bad enough.

But seriously, wedding photographers? bakeries? as if their products or services were necessities of life, and rare, difficult to acquire somewhere else?

No, there's nose-rubbing being attempted.

Because Silverman seems like a nice fellow, I'm going to end with a joke of his, (it's actually much older, and I think was originally about "Anglican atheists", but never mind.)
A Jewish atheist hears that the best school in town happens to be Catholic, so he enrolls his son. Things are going well until one day the boy comes home and says, “I just learned all about the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.” The boy’s father is barely able to control his rage. He grabs his son by the shoulders and says, “Joey, this is very important, so listen carefully. There is only ONE God — and we don’t believe in Him!”

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