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Monday, 20 October 2014

Twitter Hates Me the Way the Biggest Bean Hates the Cardinal

Not exactly, my computer hates Twitter, or at least some script running thither.

So, that's an excuse for why I don't know what I'm talking about.
I hesitate to comment on something I have not read first hand, because there are so many secondary sources that quote selectively and unfairly to try to malign those who have differnt opinions than they.

But, she who hesitates is often lost, eh? so I'm just going to jump in and comment on something, oh, I guess my info is now third hand. And the linked video is gone.

Any way, Fr Martin is, ISTM, a nice man who is wrong about virtually everything.

But no fair reading of the twitter exchange examined here could claim that he "invoked" schism in speaking about the great Cardinal Burke.

The Biggest Bean, apparently a journalist or academic of some sort? on the other hand....

I'm trying to decide, if I use that as an example in my Sunday school class, where sin and God's mercy are the topic this year -- is this Faggioli guy guilty of "detraction" or "calumny"?

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