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Saturday, 11 October 2014

"Ego is the Death of Talent"

Not a bad motto for any young person...
It's a quote from the star of Jane the Virgin.
I have been reading about "Jane the Virgin."
When I first heard the title of the new sitcom, I was not hopeful.
I suspected a character like the Virgin Mandy,

(but presumably played by a woman.)
The I learned it was on the CW which gave me even less hope, (although it gave me greater hope for the role to be played by a woman, since the network's target audience is young women, as I keep reminding my middle-aged, male brother when he relates the plot of one of the several dozen tv shows he follows devotedly every week, "You know those are shows for girls, doncha?"

There's a cheesy lack of reality and plausibility about all their shows that I have seen, even those that do not revolve around vampires or super-heroes. And the raising of being "cute" and dressing "hot" to absolute values.
And, what should be the final nail in the coffin of recommendability, the concept of the sitcom with dramatic overtones based on a telenovella,  [sp?] is that a girl working her way through school and "saving herself" for marriage is accidentally artificially inseminated on a visit to the doctor.
(That smarmy plotline might seem as fantastic as one involving blood-sucking undead and nerds with superpowers, were it not for the fact that every year or so there's a news story from this state about a surgeon amputating the wrong leg,  performing an unnecessary and unauthorized procedure, or removing a kidney from the wrong patient... this is the land of medicare fraud and bungling doctors

But after reading about it, I'm not so sure.

Because the unborn child in this unexpected pregnancy is not a mistake to be obliterated.
And the family is deeply religious, which does not seem like an excuse for contempt and mockery, (okay, not tooooo much of the latter, and none, so far, of the former.)
And her grandmother, the devout force behind her striving for chastity, ( getting ahead via education also factors in,) tells her that, pregnancy, motherhood? "This will be the best part of your life."

Definitely going to give Jane a shot.

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