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Friday, 31 October 2014

And Merry All Hallows' Eve to you, too

There were fireworks somewhere near here -- i thought it was thunder at first, and then jets, as some nearby flight paths seem to have changed recently -- I was hearing them all afternoon.
But no, definitely fireworks.

Wish I'd know, would have tried to see them.
As it happens, lovely Halloween anywho -- no, I mean NOT ONE trick-or-trearter, literally NONE at all, so, OhDangI'mGoingToHaveToEatAllTheKitKatsMyself

And I tried absinthe for the first time, (liked it pretty well, but then, I'm a fan of anise and other liquorice-flavored thingummies.)

And I watched a scary thing about demons and the eternal battle between good and evil. Well, maybe a bit more gory than scary, but all in all not bad.

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