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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Microwave Muffins in a Mug

There are reasons I never tried this before - they're, or at least seem to be single serving, simple, an swift shortcuts; geared, more or less to the young and single, the college student, the struggling actor...

I don't have a tiny studio apartment, with the sparsely equipped kitchen, I don't need to grab a quick bite before running out to a class or scrambling to enjoy urban nightlife or rushing to a second or third job.

But Himself has set himself an awfully ascetic regimen, in the morning his breakfasts are very specific, and in the evening desserts are seldom welcome - shall I make a pie or coffee cake and consume the entire thing myself?

So, two days ago I tried one of the recipes that clog the internet, and had the most wonderful little, gooey, warm chocolate cake! Then this morning I managed a really tasty oatmeal muffin, fantastic!

Himself has a set of large microwave-safe mugs
that he uses for soups or cereals which work perfectly, (no chance of over flow,) and all the recipes seem pretty much the same, 1/4 cup of flour, meal, or bran, or a combination thereof; an egg; about 2 Tablespoons of liquid and/or fat; sugar or sweetener, more or less depending on whether you heading for cake territory or muffin, and whatever flavoring or mix-ins seem apropos.
The cake needs tweaking, but the muffin experiment was 1/4 cup total  oatmeal and oat bran, a Tablespoon of maple syrup, an egg, a dash each of vanilla, cloves and cinnamon.
Mixed all together in the mug with a fork, and added a sprinkling of Trader Joes orange-flavored dried cranberries, and microwaved for 2:30 minutes, (veeeeeeeeeery low powered microwave.)

I plan on gaining twenty pounds or so in the next month :oD !

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