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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

'Cause here ya got yer formal heretics, and here ya got yer garden-variety dissenters, and then ya got....

 Ross Douthat, (no, YOU do that!.... sorry, I think that every time I wonder how his name is pronounced,) had a piece over the weekend that engendered much wordy comment, not to say, blogerrhea.

Blah blah blah Francis. Blah blah blah heresy! Blah blah blah pope! Blah blah blah ultramontane! Blah blah blah doctrine not dogma. Blah blah blah where Peter is! Blah blah blah not always right! Blah blah blah schism! Blah blah blah Luther. Blah blah blah remnant! Blah blah blah calm down, Blah blah blah mottramism....
(I am caricaturing the commentary, not Douthat's excellent piece.)

 I was stuck by this -
The church’s orthodox adherents ..... are, yes, a minority — sometimes a small minority — among self-identified Catholics in the West. 
Is that true, do you think?  really?

I sometimes think that most "dissenters" in the Church are dissenters the way dogs are famously atheists, not because they have actually put any thought into it, or taken their first thoughts to a logical conclusion and realized what the actual consequences of some vague belief are.

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