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Thursday, 16 October 2014

St Teresa of Avila, to me....

What does it profit me that our forebears had been so holy if I afterward am so wretched that I leave the edifice damaged through bad customs? For it is clear that those who come will not so much remember those who live many years ago as those they see before them.
Maybe to all Catholics living today?
I know well that the fault lies within me that you do not grant me the favors you did to my forebears. I grieve over my life, Lord, when I compare it with theirs, and I cannot say this without tears. I see that I have lost what they have worked for and that I can in no way blame you. Nor is it in any way good for persons to complain if they see their order in some decline; rather, they should strive to be the kind of rock on which the edifice may again be raised

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