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Friday, 10 October 2014

Wonder what facial hair M S W sports?

The N ational c atholic R eporter has a ... well, let's say blind and deaf post  complaining about the tone-deafness of someone else.
Anyone with ears to hear knows that the "intrinsically disordered" language regarding homosexual relations has failed to achieve anything except make the Church look foolish and mean-spirited. The synod fathers apparently have discussed the need to find better language with which to convey the Church's teachings in this area. But Cardinal Burke still thinks he is being pastoral when he deploys this language. His latest interview with LifeSite New is appallingly tone deaf, as was his interview with Raymond Arroyo on EWTN last night. (They have not yet posted the video but I will put up a link when they do.) If the rumors are true and +Burke is about to be dispatched to the Knights of Malta, I hope the appointment comes with a ban on giving him a microphone. This man's inability to speak with even a whiff of human compassion is intrinsically disordered if you ask me.

I had, as per usual, trouble posting there, despite having registered more than once, so I'll just stop trying.
This is what I would have said:
British crime films of a certain era always seem to have some slimy extortionist, wearing a pencil mustache, oozing the phrase, "Oh, let's not call it that, 'blackmail' is such an ugly word...."

You call those characters to mind now --  "greed", "racism," "pride," "sin", "adultery", "intrinsically disordered", "unbridled capitalism"... they're ALL ugly words, huh?

But the so-called "tone deaf" aren't doing as much damage as those sticking their heads in the sand, and saying that they can't hear so that they can affirm sinners in their sins.

Just because using such language in speaking directly to those who suffer under those yokes may not be the best approach does not mean we shouldn't call a spade a spade when speaking about those yokes.

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