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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

USCatholic Shilling for Assisted Suicide?

The "catholic" periodical understandably covers the Brittany Maynard, killing-herself-in-a-few-weeks-and-hoping-to-convince-others-to-do-the-same-or-at-least-to-vote-for-laws-condoning-the-actions-of-those-who-want-to-commit-suicide story..

But for readers wishing to get the "full story" they link to the same commercial from the Hemlock society Care and Compassion that all the news channels showed.

(Compassion, IIRC, means "to suffer with," so it seems an odd name for the Hemlock society to have chosen. since its member work hard to see to it that there isn't anyone with whom they might have to suffer.)

Laudably, a (presumably Catholic,) reader reminds us how watching, and waiting with and praying with and being with the dying can be "a truly graced time," though not easy.

I suspect many suicides think they are saving someone else from the suffering others experience observing their suffering.

It is not a stretch to think there are even those who would not kill themselves if they didn't feel obligated not to put their loved ones and the system through it all, to save them the trouble and the cost. (I believe I recall some politicians hoping to save healthcare costs have even said as much about the "duty" of the old or sick.)

But the phrase that stood out for me in Caitlyn Schmid gloosy take on suicide was the phrase, Maynard’s death is inevitable.


As if there were someone whose death was NOT?

Are there some of us who are going to get out of this world alive, Ms Schmid?

Then there's your story.

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