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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Neat Little Craft, Using Envelopes

I'm not as crafty as I could be, but I am an inching-into-unwillingly-appearing-on-a-TLC-"reality"-show-level hoarder, so I have lots of crap items around that seem tailor-made for crafting with my CCD students..
Currently we're trying to make a giant Rosary out of the lids to Planters cans.
And we made All Souls Day candles from venetian blind slats.

Anyway, this little bag idea seems worth pursuing, (not for actual gift bags, as their reproductive habits are like those of the species coatius hangericus, and I don't know anyone who doesn't have scads of them lying around waiting for re-use, (when yeah, I never seem to have the right size, color, whatever....)

Maybe we can make little goody bags and put loving notes, prayers, and "coupons" ("IOU one taking out the trash without being asked,") for Christmas.

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