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Saturday, 25 October 2014

Fr. Adolfo Nicolas in La Stampa

“Può esserci più amore cristiano in un’unione canonicamente irregolare che in una coppia sposata in chiesa,” according to the Superior of the Jesuits.

And indeed, there might be greater charity between some of those who are not married, (in any  "canonically irregular union," than between some of those who are.
Does that say something about the irrelevance of the sacrament of marriage?
Or about the virtues of adultery?

The nice Wiccan lady down the street might be closer to God than my parish priest.

So what?

It doesn't seem the most important thing said in the interview, (though I admit my non-art song Italian isn't that good,) odd that it was made the headline.

"Allora come oggi per noi conta più lo Spirito perché viene da Dio rispetto alle regole e alle norme che invece sono opera degli uomini."

Basically, the Holy Spirit still comes from God today, but rules merely come from man?

God doesn't give us rules?
I am wasting my time this year in CCD?  

The main focus for fourth graders is the ten commandments and the beatitudes.

Ten Commandments - You shall not commit --- Oh, who'm I kidding, knock yourselves out!

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