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Thursday, 30 October 2014

I thought that I actually WAS on the Eccles is Saved page when I read...

... this.
Pope Francis urged bishops to resolve disputes by yelling “a few strong words to each other” and then embracing.
(Still trying to figure out why I ended  up on a page months old, but the interwebs is a mysterious place.)
Parody is surely becoming difficult to Eye of the Tiber, and Eccles, and a few others who brighten ones day, when the casual reader can mistake reporting for humor.

(I'll tell you for real wit, Fr Hunwicke is hard to beat. But he, of course, is almost always at the same time deadly serious. What a mind! What a lot one can learn there! About the Faith, I mean, not to mention, I think that's the only site I visit with any regularity where it is absolutely necessary to keep a tab open to an online dictionary.)

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